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little britty and the big wheel

As a lot of people have noticed…or at least a couple…well, my Mom asked me, I have backed off covering BMX and dealing with all the stuff that goes on in NJ with it. I realized late last year that my original drive for hustling all over checking out BMX events and the like had waned significantly. To the point that my involvement was almost detrimental to the scene. Let’s be realistic, what does a 40 something year old duder have to say about the current state of BMX that is relevant to today’s BMXer.

Quite frankly, not much.

Over the past year I’ve dabbled in other stuff, mourned with my gal Christine over the passing of her Mom and I’ve come to the realization that maybe it’s time to make something that has the possibility of sending a message, that might outlive myself, that sorta portrays all the stuff I grew up thinking about and is sorta off the wall and a little out of the ordinary. Much like myself and the people I have grown up with.

Which is where this 4 panel comic strip comes in. My first taste of riding anything that had wheels was my trusty big wheel. After asking around it seems a lot of the people I know and knew started the same way…wearing down that big wheel’s front tire tearing up the neighborhood. After laughing with Christine about those youthful shenanigans, we came up with the idea of little britty.

We remembered how it was as a kid, no one really listens to you, the whole world is just a sea of long legs, how there are a ton of thoughts in your noggin but not a real good way to express them.

We also remembered how unafraid we were to take new risks, explore things that we personally had never seen (even if it was just “down the block”) and how, at least for us, we had an innate sense of what was right and wrong.

I decided to put all that energy I used to put into doing other stuff towards creating the first comic strip that tells the tale of, well…a a kid who would become a big BMX enthusiast (or I guess it could be any cycling enthusiast at that age) and the craziness that he gets up to.

So that’s little britty, a young kid who wears his thoughts on his cap, who’s mom and dad think the world of him but don’t keep him in over protective lockdown, a brother who rides, neighbors who are alternative thinkers and…one dastardly villain…who will crop up later.

So I hope word gets out about this little comic strip about a little kid who is all about ripping it up and questioning authority.

little britty, go big wheel or go home…



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