My Gal The Pinup Model

For those of you who have not been paying attention, mi amore, Christine Blake has a little alter ego called “Chrissy Kittens“, where we do all sorts of pinup type photography. From lingerie to corsets to fantasy witchy outfits we put out a bunch of photo sets per year to drum up business for our photography side business, Passion Pinups. My new Friday Feature will be “My Gal The Pinup Model”, where I showcase some of the photography that we do together to make the persona of “Chrissy Kittens” a reality. I have to give my lady Chrissy a lot of credit to look as good as she does at 48! I’m a lucky guy!

There’s a funny story behind this set of photos. We were in New Hope, PA one weekend and I brought up the idea of doing a photoshoot on the towpath of the canal. Chrissy said, “yea, why not”, and I was like, all righty let’s do it. Well, she gets all put together in her cute outfit and when we decide to head out down the canal trail, I get extremely nervous. What if someone sees us, what if the cops roll by up top, just totally freaked out. Chrissy, the person who is actually being all sexy and naughty in public however is cool as anything and just kept laughing at me, “why are you so stressed out, we aren’t doing anything that crazy!”
I dunno, it was my first time taking photos like that in a public place where there were more factors at play then just getting the lighting right… Stressed out brittles… Anyway, here is Chrissy in a lace jacket and lingerie underneath prancing about on the towpath.