My Gal The Pinup Model

For those of you who have not been paying attention, mi amore, Christine Blake has a little alter ego called “Chrissy Kittens“, where we do all sorts of pinup type photography. From lingerie to corsets to fantasy witchy outfits we put out a bunch of photo sets per year to drum up business for our photography side business, Passion Pinups. My new Friday Feature will be “My Gal The Pinup Model”, where I showcase some of the photography that we do together to make the persona of “Chrissy Kittens” a reality. I have to give my lady Chrissy a lot of credit to look as good as she does at 47! I’m a lucky guy!

This was a shoot that we did with a friend of ours. She saw Christine’s photos and asked if we could make her “look like that”. Well we gave it our best shot and it eventually went down this road…



One thought on “My Gal The Pinup Model

  1. Will Danner Will Danner says:

    Brett, you’re the next Hugh Hef ma brotha..

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